-Don’t be fooled by the shape, Acousticom2 is a high quality instrument! It is one of the best (perhaps the best) low cost meters on the market.
-has a frequency range that allows it to measure even a good part of 5G, in fact it goes up to 8ghz!
-Esthetically it is not so beautiful, but in this case is not the most important thing, while this small meter has a lot of substance.
It is suitable for measuring the electric field produced by radio waves (RF), while it is not suitable for measuring low-frequency magnetic fields of electrical networks.

-Powered by a 9v battery has autonomy of 10 hours

MY PERSONAL OPINION: Acousticom2 is a high-level meter, built by a specialized company and serious, allows you to detect microwave electric fields with accuracy, and results comparable to professional instruments. You can not find it everywhere, but it is definitely worth looking for!

acousticom meteracousticom2acousticom 2


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