Acoustimeter AM10


REVIEW: Here we have Acoustimeter AM10, it’s a low cost high quality products.
-Made by the good company EMField, is a meter to measure the electric fields produced by radio networks up to 8ghz, good for phones, wifi, base stations, routers, also good for  5G low band.
It’s an accurate meter almost like a professional, I don’t like its very rough shape, and I don’t like big size too, but about performance I have to say only very well!
-Powered by 9v, work time 10 hours
-The radiation level is also indicated with sound
-Not able to measuring low-frequency magnetic fields, and electrical networks or power lines.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: With his little brother (Acousticom) is one of the best cheap RF detectors on the market, accurate and reliable, so and so the shape 80’S style.

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