Cornet ED88tPlus



-The Cornet ED88Plus is a pocket sized meter with a display that provides a lots of information, we can see the electric field in various units of measure, we can see the maximum and average levels, and we can also see the frequency we monitoring!
-really amazing for that price!  The display is not very bright under the sun, but always visible with small movements to eliminate reflections.
-It has a high frequency range, up to 8ghz, which allows it to measure even the low band of 5G.
-It is available in 2 versions, with external antenna, and with internal antenna, (I prefer the first, although it is not a three-axis antenna, but only a normal vertical omnidirectional (which is however changeable with other more performing!).
-It is powered by 9v battery, the autonomy is about 5 hours.
-You can also connect the cornet a pc to monitor, or download the recorded data.
-It is recommended to measure electric fields of high radio frequencies (RF), is not suitable for measuring magnetic fields of electrical networks at low frequency (50hz).

MY PERSONAL OPINION: I always it with me, is my inseparable friend, although there are cheaper meters more accurate (such as Acousticom) I like its versatility and the many info that can generate.

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