Neoteck EMF


-Magnetic field detectors are normally cheaper than RF detectors, this is due to the lower hardware complexity.
-I include this very cheap magnetic field detector because I could try it and realize that is worth every penny of price.
-In fact this device is not accurate in providing the absolute value, but it can clearly show the difference between a safe area and one with a high magnetic field.
For this reason I recommend it as the first detector of magnetic field, you can check the presence of high fields near power lines or inside the house.
-You cannot see the radio field (RF) produced by antennas, phones, wifi, etc.. !!
-Powered by 3 batteries 1.5v and autonomy of 6 hours.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: you have certainly spent very well this little money, for a  “DIFFERENCES DETECTOR” of magnetic field.

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