With this meter amazon doing a terrible confusion! in the affiliate link of my site is described as a meter for MAGNETIC fields, while the one tested by me is for ELECTRIC fields (RF)!
I think the Amazon description is wrong, and that the one on sale is also for radio electric fields (RF).
So my review will be for the tested model:

-This is a good microwave meter, it can measure radiofrequency electric fields up to 3.5ghz, so great for phones, wifi, BRS, etc..
-Can’t measure magnetic fields of power grids, and power lines.
-powered 9v battery, autonomy 7 hours

MY PERSONAL OPINION: is a good meter but, when I use it seems to use another meter, the Tes92, I think the software is the same?.. magics of oriental products!
Anyway, is a good meter, measures are precise,  even if the bandwidth is only up to 3.5ghz.

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