Extech 480846


-Some time with oriental products,  happens to find the same product with different names, this happens because the company that builds it, sells it to other companies that brand it with their brand, this does not mean that the product is bad, but only that is distributed by more brands.
That’s what happens also for this Extech 480846, that you will find also with other names.
-It is however an excellent meter of high frequency electric fields, range up to 8ghz!
-Great for measuring radio fields of telephones, wifi, BRS, etc. …
-NOT good for measuring magnetic fields of power grids and power lines.
-Powered by 9v battery, autonomy 7 hours

MY PERSONAL OPINION: As I said, having many names does not mean bad quality, this Extech 480846 is a good meter for high frequencies, reliable and precise.

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