REVIEW: High quality meter, measures are accurate, made by German company: Gigahertz Solutions.
iIs an excellent detector of high-frequency radio waves, range 800-2500 mhz, able to measuring electric fields of radio networks like telephones, wifi, modems, base stations, radar, etc..
-NOT googd to measuring magnetic fields of electrical networks, like power lines and low frequency (50hz) electrical networks.
-NOT good for 5G also!! (only 3G-4G)
-Powered by batteries or home power supply.


MY PERSONAL OPINION: This an excellent meter of professional level, the only thing don’t like me is the bandwidth too narrow, can’t measure even the low band of 5G at 3.5ghz, for this reason today and at this price is not my first choice,  but is still a high level product !
The size of the external antenna is too big!



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