Review: Latnex is a new company, the first product is this AF-5000.
-Meter to measure the electric field of radio frequency networks  like phones, bluetooth,  wifi, radars, routers, 5g, 4g, 3g, etc..
-The most important feature of this new product is the bandwidth, up to 10ghz! First cheap meter to go so high.
So it can also measure the first 2 new 5G bands.

-This an ALL IN ONE meter, can also measure the magnetic field of electrical networks, power lines, high voltage lines, appliances, ecc..
-Powered by 3 AA batteries, autonomy 8 hours
-Beautiful colorful and multifunction display, but the refresh-rate is low, about 2/3 decimals of a second (acceptable)

My Opinion: The most interesting low-cost product of the moment, highly recommended, maibe the measure accuracy is not as an Acousticom, but absolutely good.



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