Tenmars TM-195



-The Tenmars TM195 is a meter for measuring the electric field created by high frequency radio waves (RF).
-The range is up to 3.5ghz so it is good for measuring 2g,3g,4g,5g (low band), wifi.
-Not suitable for measuring low frequency fields such as power lines and appliances.
-The strong point of the tenmars 195 is the price, it is impossible to find this quality at price so ‘low! For this reason it is recommended for who want start monitoring the environment with a small expense and for newbies.
-The display is big and visible even under the sun, the information reported are few but clear, with large characters.
-The autonomy is about 5 hours with a 9v battery
-You can find this meter on amazon via this site, or wherever you prefer, it is sold by many stores and may have different names, so if you find it with a different name remember that it is always the tm195.

MY PERSONAL OPINION:  I recommend the tm195 to  who need to start measuring the electric field but is not an expert, this meter will give you an idea of the state of the electric fields around you, you will discover many interesting things!

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