Trifield TF2 (meter)


-I don’t like the all-in-one solution, I prefer one thing but do it well, especially when we talk about cheap instruments.
-However, the Trifield TF2 can measure magnetic and electric fields with good accuracy, at the moment it is one of the best solutions if you want a meter that does everything low costs.
-Can measure the electric field of high frequency radio (RF) networks, with a range up to 6ghz (2g,3g,4g,5gLowband,wifi)
-Can measure the magnetic field of electrical networks such as power lines and household appliances.
-It is powered by 9v battery for an autonomy of about 8 hours.
-It has a very nice shape and a beautiful display, the size is pocket-sized.

MY HEAVY OPINION: There are not many cheap meters that can do everything, the Trifild TF2 is one of them, we can not expect the accuracy of a meter dedicated to a single job, but the accuracy is acceptable, so if you want to measure EVERYTHING then go on the Trifild.

trifieldtf2trifield tf2trifieldtf2


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